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All the world's

a stage: The revival of an iconic brand, Andrew Martin

Martin Waller launched Andrew Martin, designer furniture and decor brand, in 1978. Facing decline in the last few years in a nouveau and crowded market, this iconic Chelsea-based brand needed a makeoever in many aspects: rejuvenating the team, reforming the strategy and, of course, creating a new visual identity. The merit of the full identity lies in two things: A unique diamond-shaped graphic that houses the original logo, as well as a fantastical 'dreamscape' supergraphic invoking the adventure and richness of the brand – something that continues to change with the times. Since the new website and store remodelling, sales have been up 35%.

For the new website launch and full store remodelling, Andrew Martin teamed up with Charlotte Posner to illustrate this season's supergraphic.

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